About David

Hello everyone, welcome to my bees for health and wealth website. Bees have been my passion for the last 10 years having worked as a lecturer in a national beekeeping institute in Kenya and handling bee matters at the policy level at the ministry headquarters

My specialization is the African bee Apis mellifera which happens to be the bee species that inhabit Kenya where I work and in Africa generally. My passion for bee was kindled following deployment to the national beekeeping institute upon being employed by the government back in 2009.

Bee natural honey

Bee natural honey

As you all know, the African bee is extremely defensive; an attribute that has earned it the title “African killer bee”. It must, therefore, take great passion to persistently, consistently and successfully work with this otherwise dangerous insect in the hostile sub-saharan terrains

My short story with the bee

Upon my deployment to the institute when I was employed, I felt kind of disappointed, my excellent academic grades and ambition made me look down on such a tiny sector as the bee sector. I thought I had too big a brain and I would be greatly underutilized. I was wrong

Upon being introduced to the sector, I realized a great underlying potential whose surface is yet to be scratched. I surveyed the sector landscape in my country isolating challenges and noting down opportunities for future development.

The opportunities are immense and the potential is frighteningly massive. With this realization, I felt challenged, I felt engaged, I felt I had met my equal. This set alight in me the passion to pursue the realization of this mighty potential and I have since learned lessons and gained experiences which I must share


What I have to share

Courtesy of the government of Kenya which is my employer, I have had great opportunities for training and exposure within the sector.

I have benefited from top quality training both within the country and abroad. Because of the bee, I have been to China, Tanzania, and the Netherlands for training on highly specialized skills. I attended the 2017 Apimondia Congress (a global bee sector stakeholders workshop) in Istanbul Turkey. Currently, I am in Australia at the University of Melbourne pursuing a post-graduate qualification in “Bee Molecular Genetics”.

I am inspired to share this knowledge and experience and the passion with the world through this website


My reason for sharing

Many changes are happening all around us. Non-communicable diseases are on the rise, pollinator population is on a steady decline, deserts are expanding, agriculture is transitioning (culturally, geographically and technologically), and of course populations are growing

As we look at all other sectors to provide the needed solutions to these situations, it would be a mistake to ignore the beekeeping sector which is the back borne of sustainability

Through this website, I intend to inspire my readers to see the bee sector for its potential in the following areas:

  1. Pollination service provision – which is a basic requirement for quality crop production

    Honey bee pollination

    Bees and pollination

  2. Employment creation – the bee value chain is rich in opportunities for employment
  3. Environmental sustainability – api-forestry (intentional and well-focused propagation of bee plants)
  4. Alternative healthcare through apitherapy (the use of bee products to cure diseases)
  5. Industrialization – through industrial processing and value addition of bee products to manufacture high-quality, end user products such as cosmetics, honey wine, and many other products
  6. The potential of the sector as an ideal climate-smart agriculture strategy

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to answer.

All the best,

David Palla